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Aluminium Pool Fences

Why we are the fencing company to choose

While some people install fences purely for aesthetic purposes, aluminium pool fencing is very important to provide privacy, an added security, demarcation, and safety.With over ten years of experience serving both commercial and residential clients, we not only have the experience that you need but also the best services. Whether you are looking for aluminum pool fencing or you just want to repair your fence, no fencing project is bigger than us.

By serving many private homes, commercial clients and residential communities, our goal is to add both value and beauty to your property. By using only the highest quality materials, well-trained installation screw, and the best fabricating techniques, we strive to build our company’s reputation.


An aluminium fence with a gate to protect and increase the safety of your pool.


Another steel fence installed by a pool in the south-east suburbs

Benefits of Aluminium Pool Fences:

They are safe
As a parent, one of the worst things is living with the fear that your child is not safe. However, aluminum pool fencing are strong, corrosion resistant, and durable. They are also affordable and provides the best protection for your children. Without any form of supervision, this type fence can keep toddlers from jumping into the pool by themselves.

They are easy to work with
Having evolved a lot in the last few years, aluminum pool fencing have very few issues as compared to the steel fences. They are not only lightweight but also easy to work with. Since they are powder coated they are very easy to work with. Due to these characteristics, they require very few maintenance requirements. More so, they are lightweight hence can be able to solve many design issues. They can easily be shaped into elegant designs which can easily match with any form of architecture and landscape.

They are self-latching and self-closing
Aluminum pool fences are not only self-closing but also self-latching. As a homeowner, if you do not close the pool fence and shut it when you are done, then any toddler can easily pass through and go into the pool. Having a self-latching gate is, therefore, one of the best things to ensure that you have enough safety. More so, these kinds of fences are very much attractive.

Why you should choose us
· Best quality- As a company, we ensure that our clients only get the highest quality services that they deserve
· Best prices- Since we are the fabricators, we always ensure that we provide high-quality services at affordable prices. Since we own most of our equipment and we are also debt free we are able to lower our overhead cost so as to serve our clients well.
· Best service- We are committed to providing our clients with value and the best fence for their property. Whether you need an aluminium pool fencing or any other fence you can rest assured that our fences will not only pass the inspection but will also meet all the requirements.

Whether you are a homeowner or an investor looking to protect your property we have the equipment, experience, and the personnel needed for your project. If you have any fence issue, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our homepage if you want to consider other options.

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