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Colorbond Installations

How can you choose the Right Fencing Company for you?

If you have ever installed a fence by yourself before, then you know firsthand how much work that takes. There’s so much that goes into getting a fence installed around your house or property, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. But you may not be sure just how to choose the fencing company that’s going to give you that fence of your dreams. Continue reading to learn more about the top things to look out for when choosing a fencing company, like Colorbond Installations.


A modern white colorbond horizontal in Brighton, VIC.


Colourbond Slates in Huntingdale, VIC

Ask the right questions

Any company is going to need to answer your questions from your side before you choose them as your fencing contractor. Here are some example questions that you should be asking your fencing company:

– Are there going to be any pulling of permits?

– Talk to them about easements and what you need to do in that situation.

– How is the company going to deal with a sloped section of the fence?

– What’s the ending height of the fence?

– What all is included in the quoted cost and can more be included if need be?

– What’s the warranty offer look like from this fencing company?

You shouldn’t be afraid to do a bit of window shopping when you’re choosing your fencing company. Be sure to get multiple estimates from various companies to choose the one that works best for you. The classic advice is to look around for three different estimates from reputable companies.

However, we are sure that our experience with Colorbond Fencing is going to be way better than you could find anywhere else in the competition. We have years of service under our belts, some of the best fencing professionals in the business, and the dedication necessary to get the job done every time.

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