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Cypress Pine Pickets

Home improvements – Fence Solutions

Cypress pine pickets are used to install a fence around gardens, stables, farms, etc. Are you looking to install a quality fence around your area? Or you may not be able to decide what size and what quality of picket’s fence you should go for? Let us help you in this regard.



Size of Cypress Pine Pickets

First of all, you need to understand cypress pine pickets comes in different sizes, shapes, and quality. The size of pickets may vary between 9 mm to 18mm. It depends on where you want to install the fence. Is it around your garden? Fine enough, a fence consisting of 12mm pickets would do well there. On the other hand, If you are looking to install a fence around an area that you use to keep your animals, then you probably need a 12mm, 15mm or even an 18 mm picket’s fence.  

The Right Solution

Once you have decided your preferred picket size and length of the fence, you then need to locate a supplier or a dealer to purchase those pickets. As we mentioned earlier, that quality of pickets may vary, a right quality pickets will keep you go for many years. On the other hand pickets of a low standard are most likely to catch fungus or termite rather quickly.

Cypress Pine Pickets is a local fencing company that was inaugurated to provide high-quality fencing solutions. You do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money to buy high-quality pickets. Instead, you can buy a reliable quality pickets from our outlet at much affordable price. We do not support false marketing. Instead, we value our customers and therefore never compromises on quality. We can assure you we have the right quality and reasonable prices for your fencing requirements. We have a wide range of cypress pine pickets. You can select them as per your requirement and budget. We believe you can manage to buy a quality product as long as you buy them from cypress pine pickets.

Other features of Cypress Pine Pickets

  • They are suitable for clear coat sealing
  • They are painted and oiled finished
  • They are available in wide range of lengths, sizes, and profiles.

To order cypress pine pickets please use an online order form.

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