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We're a fencing company that specialises in installation, repair and maintenance of all different styles of brick, colorbond, timber, picket and paving.
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19 Corsican Street  Frankston North, VIC, 3200 Australia

19 Corsican Street 

Frankston North, VIC 3200

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Timber Fencing

Best Timber choices:

If you are a home or business owner who is looking either to add timber fencing to your property, you have come to the right place. While many folks will attempt to build their own fences, the truth is that fence construction is always better left to the professionals. There are many timber fencing companies to choose from, so why should you choose ours? Our company is locally owned, locally staffed, and our reputation for creating quality fences has been well earned. We use top-of-the-line equipment and high quality timber to create fences which look good and which will last for generations to come. However, what truly makes us the best choice is our years of experience and our commitment to customer service. We guarantee our work and we will do whatever it take to keep our customers happy. We work with each of our clients to design and construct a fence that is exactly what they need, whether it’s ten feet long, five hundred feet long, or more.


A full timber fence for an new estate in the South east.


A great modern fresh look with steel posts and timber slates.

Why choose us?

Thanks to our vast experience of designing and constructing timber fencing of every shape and size on all sorts of terrain, we are able to accommodate clients with any variety of needs.  If what you want is the very best fence which money can buy, we can give you that for a price that won’t bankrupt your family or deplete your life savings. However, we also know that there are sometimes strict deadlines for construction projects and when time is of the essence we are able to work quickly without cutting any corners or sacrificing quality. Our dedication to performing quality work is exactly what has made us the fencing company of choice in our community.


Our company is licensed and insured, and we own all of our equipment. We have hundreds of satisfied customers within the community and we are happy to show you examples of our work. If you have a specific fencing project in mind and you’re tired of dealing with amateurs, please contact us so that we can explain how we can help with your needs.


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